EPC - Turn-Key solution

Genera  has gained a strong and solid experience thanks the years of work with the most important companies of the sector, Genera is able to offer project engineering, constructing and assembling plants on skid for chemical plant use, Petro Chemical, Oilfields, Refinery and Furnaces

Genera  operates in partnership with qualified suppliers and specialized in the construction of industrial plants and in the assembling of electrical and of control equipment.

In particular Genera is able to supply complete package systems for:
- Oil Dewatering
- Oil desalting
- Gas and oil filtration
- Fuel gas treatment
- Gas natural metering station
- Gas pressure reducing
- Fuel oil treatment
- Oil manifolds
- Metering stations
-Water treatment
- Water injection

The development in synergy with the different phases of the EPC enables us to fully satisfy the client’s needs, supplying personalized products according to the time scheduled with the client.