Integrated systems - FARM

FARM-Full Agricultural Renewable Model

This model embodies the force of creativity and innovation which are at the heart of Genera's mission.
FARM is a model which provides an integration of different renewable energy sources: from biomass to photovoltaic to mini Aeolians, applied to an agricultural farm. The objective is double: on one hand to give incentives for  the sustainability creating an agricultural energetic process able to give value to the territory and generate occupation respecting the environment; on the other hand a business, transforming a sector in difficulty as the agricultural sector, as in fact, independent from an energy point of view and with new potential developments.


FARM, by using different renewable energy sources, satisfies the companies needs, allows the cultivations of valuable crop in green houses and even more energy is available and can be for the management of the premises and equipment for temporary housing as in, for example, holiday farm houses.
FARM is a project, a challenge, a philosophy  that fully integrates with the company’s mission which intends to: “ Generate innovative and technological advanced solutions for the energetic sustainability of the country, thanks to the combination among technique, experience and creativity.