Photovoltaic systems

The solar plants guarantee the production of electrical energy in a continuous mode without the emission of polluting substances.  Today’s technology can totally supply the personal energetic needs, with great savings on the energy costs. 
Eco-friendly and at the same time convenient , because there is the possibility to ask for economical incentives and reduced costs for maintenance.

Genera takes care of the project engineering and  offers to every client a” tailor made” solution according to the energetic needs, offering consultancy regarding legal aspects, regulations and access to public and European economical funds. Genera takes care of the installation, analyzing beforehand the landscape and the structure of the constructions , and following offers the management and the maintenance of the plants installed.

The business commitment that Genera has used for the renewable energy in Italy is a reality in the last few years.  The competences of our company have been requested by important clients for the realization of important intervention regarding high energetic efficiency . Thanks to the use of photovoltaic  solar plants.
Genera is specialized in the project engineering and carrying out of small medium and large photovoltaic plants .
In particular, one of the  principal characteristics of the company is the carrying out of large dimension plants. both on  ground and integrated on the roof of factories/sheds/warehouses.

With regards to the EPC contract  the Company takes care of the necessary paper work for the realization of the photovoltaic plant. As in :
- obtaining all permits necessary for the construction;
- full management with the companies involved as in Enel, City Hall, Customs and GSE
- carries out the executive project and provides to acquire all the material necessary;
- realizes support structures for the panels;
-carries out civil, mechanical, and electrical installation of the plants and carries out alarm system and video-alarm system
-provides connection to the net

GENERA can also offer O&M service:
-Management and control on the plant through the use of remote control system
-Constant updating with new legislation information and new technologies
-Preliminary research, energetic research and feasibility studies
-study possibilities of integrated systems among various renewable sources
-velocity in the realization of the plants